Friends of Benny Smyth

Over the last 18 years, Benny Smyth has worked with some quality suppliers, so here is a list of who we think are the best of the best and we would them recommend highly!

  • The Last of the Light

    The Last of the Light

    Benny Smyth first crossed paths with The Last of the Light's Darren Gair when they worked together at one Shustoke Farm Barns' first ever weddings back in July 2013.  We love his style of photography, and Benny has even used Darren for his own purposes, including a photoshoot for this very website.  An affable and incredibly talented photographer, Darren Gair will document your big day with perfection!

  • Music Wedding Videos

    Music Wedding Videos

    Did you know that you can turn your wedding day into a music video?  Kev Bagnall has taken the concept of wedding videography and has given it a bit of a twist with some fantastic results!  Benny Smyth has worked with Kev multiple times and his work always gives us huge smiles as we watch guests having a great time taking part in making a music video, so check out the link below for some examples of how Kev Bagnall and his team can offer you and your guests something a little different.

  • Damian Burcher

    Damian Burcher

    Damian Burcher is one of the more fun wedding photographers that Benny Smyth has worked with, and we are always in awe of how Damian consistently takes stunning and beautiful wedding photos, creating a wonderfully visual storytelling keepsake that you’ll treasure forever.  Benny Smyth is proud of his work history with Damian, and would happily recommend him to anyone who wants awesome photos of their big day!

  • Martin Dabek

    Martin Dabek

    Benny Smyth first worked with Martin Dabek in July 2017, and we've been very impressed with his work since that day.  Martin's easy going nature makes him a joy to work with, and his photographs are nothing short of stunning.  If you want breathtaking photography for your wedding day, then we think that you should have a chat with Martin Dabek!

  • Blue Ridge Films

    Blue Ridge Films

    Steve, Tim & Nic at Blue Ridge Films make award winning videos of their clients' weddings that we can only describe as goosebump inducing.  We have been really impressed not only with their amazing work, but also with how relaxed and easy going they all are.  Benny Smyth worked with the lads on the video on the Homepage and the About page which is the best endorsement that we can give - above all other videographers that he has worked with, Benny Smyth wanted to work with Blue Ridge Films based on the quality of their work and the way that they carry themselves.

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